September 16, 2015

Looking to get our class 3 fix, Pat Johnson and I decided that the Sawtooth traverse between Mt. Bierstadt and Mt. Evans was good to go. We made our way from the trailhead around 5:45 AM and worked our way to the summit of Bierstadt. We did not waste much time on the summit with the mountains engulfed in clouds and a chilling temperature in the air.

Ultimately deciding that the precipitation on much of the rocks had evaporated we made our way onto the Sawtooth traverse. This route involved some thoughtful navigation towards it’s saddle but then the fun began. Pat and I made our way through the crux of the route and finally out of the difficulties.

We then hiked the rest of the way to the summit of Mt. Evans. After a quick break with the tourists we started our return descent to the top of Guanella Pass where we had started. The descent involved a lengthy and steep gully that had us carefully billy goating our way down until we were met with an easy stroll back to the trailhead. The stoke was definitely high as this traverse brought some fun climbing and exposure.