June 10, 2015

The last couple weeks had been filled with a few successful winter ascents for Jeff Kepler, Pat “Perry” Johnson, and I. With curiosity about the conditions on Mt. Bross, we decided to attempt the east slopes route in hopes of some good turns in it’s bowl below the summit. A short drive to our start and we were met with warmer than expected temperatures which raised some concerns about the quality and safety of the snow. We decided to proceed with caution and assess the conditions as we went.

The east slopes route to Bross’ summit is straightforward but very steep in areas. Although we did skin for a short time, hiking on the barren ground provided us with a much more efficient ascent. At the top the summit provided us with a cloudy view totally void of visibility. Luckily the snow above treeline was in a stable state as freezing temperatures provided us with the confidence to descend just below it’s summit. As we made our way down in a safe fashion we were rewarded with great turns. With another 14er snowboard descent in the books we were ready for more.