Some observations from yesterday, 11/29, Mayflower Gulch, Tenmile Range, Summit County:

Skinning up to and above treeline no significant whumpfing or cracking was observed, even in windloaded areas.

A snow profile performed on a NE aspect at treeline, 11,800 ft, with a slope angle of 27 degrees, at 2:22 PM revealed the following observations:

The average snow depth was 40 to 45 cm. From the ground to a depth of 6 cm unconsolidated facets of 1 – 2 mm were observed. Above 6 cm to 24 cm the facets were about the same but slightly more consolidated. At a depth of 24 cm a 2 cm crust layer exists, most likely a result from being the surface layer before the last storm cycle began. Faceting is evident both above and below this crust layer. Above 24 cm to the snow surface exists a fist hard slab containing all of the snow from our current storm cycle.

Pit results were CT11 Q2 and ECTN12 Q2 on the crust layer at 24 cm.