Snow observations from the SE Gore Range, Summit County:

The overall depth of snow has really increased in the past week. I performed a quick snow profile on a SE face, slope angle of 32 degrees, below treeline, at an elevation of 11,000 ft. around 10:50 AM. No wind loading was evident in this area although wind loading is prevalent above treeline and would most likely hold a different looking snow pack than what was observed here.

The average depth of the snow pack in this area was 100-110 cm. From the ground to a depth of 20 cm a 4 finger hard depth of hoar with 2-3 mm facets exists. From 20 cm to 60 cm a 1 finger hard slab was observed, with a 1 finger hard slab above it to 80 cm. Above 80 cm to the snow surface a first hard slab exists which contains the snow from the previous storm cycle.

The stability test results were CT 22 Q3 at 80 cm and CT 19 Q2 at 20 cm.