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Northstar Mountain

September 7, 2015

Pat Johnson and I ventured out on the trailhead to Northstar Mountain, a 13er at the southern end of the Tenmile Range, around 4:00 AM with clear skies and bright stars. After an approach on some mining roads we decided to beeline it through some scree and up to the ridge to Northstar. A long hike along a narrow saddle eventually lead us to the summit just after sunrise. During the descent we were rewarded with a fierce snow squall coming from the Mosquito Range, quickly assuring us that winter is right around the corner.

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Drift Peak

May 29, 2015

After having to abandon a few options in the Mosquito range earlier in the morning, Jeff Kepler and I stumbled upon the approach to this peak while exploring Mayflower Gulch.

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Mt. Helen

August 28, 2015

East slope of Mt. Helen, a 13er located in the Tenmile Range.  Route can be found here.

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Atlantic Peak

August 20, 2015

West ridge of the 13er Atlantic Peak in the Tenmile Range with Jeff Kepler.  Route originates in Mayflower Gulch and can be found here.

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Wheeler Mountain

August 26, 2015

South ridge of the 13er Wheeler Mountain in the Tenmile Range with Pat Johnson.  Route can be found here.

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