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2016/2017 Season Edit

The 2016/2017 winter was hands down the best seasons I have ever had on a splitboard and snowboard. With the help of some great partners and a stabler Colorado snowpack, I was able to pursue my goal of climbing and riding more technical lines in the backcountry. The entire process of pursuing technical objectives is what I enjoy the most. The problem solving needed to ice/mixed climb a couloir and safely descend, the snowpack analysis through an entire season, and the judgement needed to know when to turn around are all parts that make up the equation of splitboard mountaineering that I love.

Much thanks to Weston Snowboards for their tremendous support and providing me with the absolute best splitboard for both freestyle/freeride and mountaineering, as well as all of the backcountry partners and mentors that have helped me progress in snow science, ice climbing, rock climbing, and backcountry knowledge.

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Montezuma Backcountry Snowboarding

The 16/17 season delivered an amazing amount of snow in January which set Colorado up with a relatively stable snow pack. This area not too far from home delivered some great lines on days like this throughout the rest of the season.

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